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The Soul Garden :: fanfiction by cluegirl

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Curse and Counter by clue Not Worksafe -- Sex
A chance discovery two years after the war leads Severus to realize that he...

Beggars Would Ride by clue Worksafe -- Language
Snape struggles to cope with survivor's guilt. Hogwarts schemes to get Her...

Wordless Moon in May by clue Kid safe
Some silences won't be broken...

Stolen Apocalypse by clue Worksafe -- Language
On surviving the Cold War...

Wagahai wa Neko de Aru by clue Kid safe
I am the Cat....

Truce by clue Worksafe -- Language
In response to a bad-faith cease fire....

Goddess of the Threshold by clue Kid safe
An invocation...

The Weight of Dust and a Shadow by clue Kid safe
Some days you just have to ask "What does it MEAN?"...

Tamer by clue Kid safe
A love song...

Talk is Cheap by clue Kid safe
If words be air, and air be wind, then words be but wind, and smell no bett...

Story of the Moment
Crucible by clue Kid safe
A poem about sex, obsession, and alchemy....
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